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Additional Repair Required – Note

After Hours Pick-up – Note

Air Conditioning Leak – Notes

Benefits Included With Your Service – Note

Brake Noise, Parking Brake use – Notes

Catalytic Converter Failure – Note

Check Engine / Service Engine Soon Light – Notes

Cooling System (Coolant in Oil, Overheating, Stop Leak) – Notes

Electrical / Fuse / Wiring Failure Cause Not Found / Unknown – Note

Engine Damage from Low Oil Level – Note

Engine Replacement – Notes for Techs and Customers

Fluid Very Dirty / May Need to Repeat Service – Note

Fuel Cap Must be Fully Tightened – Note

Fuel Filter Seized – Note

Fuel Leakage – Notes

Intermittent Symptoms – Notes

Multiple Repair Issues may Exist – Note

Power Steering Damage from Low Fluid – Note

Radio / Clock Reset after Battery Disconnect – Notes

Rain / Water Leak Repair – Note